Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick trip down Pharmacy Way...

$14.99 1 Contour Glucose monitor
3.99 packing tape (gotta send some pckages out tomorrow--but we didn't have any tape!
.69 filler
-14.99 insert q
- 3 $3/$10 cvs email q
-$1 ECB

.48 OOP

$10/50 crt q !!

2.494x Coffeemate Creamer BOGO
2.49 Coffeemate Creamer BOGO
.99 DeMet's truffles
3.19 Gallon Milk
1.5 Dozen Lg Eggs
-2.49 Free Coffeemate q (received for comment about new flavors)
-2.49 Free Coffeemate q (received for comment about new flavors)
-1.50 DeMets insert q
-1.50 DeMets insert q
-$5 RR from Last week
---.$.32 on Gift Card
OOP $0.00

Randalls--aka: know your store's coupon policies.

I'm very happy with the location of the area grocery stores: HEB is within walking distance and always has reasonable everyday prices. Target and Walmart are about 6 miles away--close enough for the infrequent trips we make there. And finally there's the Randalls about 4 miles away--the perfect distance for a store that really only has good advertised deals--and hardly any reasonable everyday prices.

Well today I took advantage of one of Randalls' weekly sales.

I walked away with:
7 boxes of cereal, [2.88 plus save $5 wyb 5]
3 boxes of PopTarts (12ct) [2.55 plus save $5 wyb 5]
4 Large Oranges $.99/lb
1 lb Grapes $1/lb
2 travel-sized Tide $.89
1 12oz Tropicana $1.49
1 strip Fleischman Yeast $1.50 [receive $.50 oyno for each one purchased)
1 x Fresh Express Green Salad $1

q's used:
3x $1/1 kelloggs IP
4x $1/1 Kelloggs insert q's
1x $.55/1 pop tart q
1x .30/1 (tripled) tropicana q
1x $.45 Fleischman q (doubled)
2x $1/1 any Tide [$.22 overage]
4x$1/produce wyb 2 select Kelloggs cereal

OOP 10.00

Moral of the story:
Know the coupon policies of your local store to take full advantage of all savings. Any double/triple coupon possibilites? Price matching? Internet Printable coupons accepted?
I knew that Randalls will double 2 qs up to $.50, and triple 1 q up to $.39.
I knew that they will take IP's--but only if printed clearly in color.
I knew that if the register doesn't beep they allow overage on q's.
I knew that Randalls offers Catalina deals when you buy certain items. Ex: if you purchased any Fleishman yeast until the end of the year, you will receive a coupon for $.50 off of your next order. Coupled with the coupon [that doubled] the yeast was only $.10!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nice mail day :)

$8 Just for men Touch of Gray rebate
$8 American Consumer Opionion survey compensation
$5 Sears facebook giftcard
$1.99 Excedrin rebate
Farmland Q's :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great WAGs Trip

  • 4x32 loads of arm & hammer 2xconcentrate detergent for .99 each (after 4xIP and in-ad circular q. )
Print 2 per computer, though this IP is email connected, so you need to use a new email address for each computer that you print from)

NOT ONLY THAT, you'll get a $5 coupon good on your next order, when you buy 4 so you'll make money!!! Deal ends Saturday.

  • I also picked up scotch tape that is free after monthly rebate--I had a $1/2 insert q so I"ll make money on that too :)

  • Free reynolds wrap foil after in-ad q and mq.
  • I won't pay for men's deoderent anymore, but I am still brand loyal to Mitchum products for myself :) I picked up one for .99 after IP and in-ad q.
  • Other not free but we needed them and they were almost free after hitting the $5/$25 mark: mead envelopes $.39, wags cough drops $.39, wags cotton swabs $1.99 (all with in-ad q)
Used $16 in RR and put $3.45 on wags gift card :) --RR's are coupons that spit out from the catalina machine from buying amounts of particular products. THe gift card is funded from free money when I buy the monthly rebate items, use q's plus the 10% bonus for putting the funds back on a wags gift card !!)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deals 12-21-2008

This is a big week at CVS--can roll our ECB's from Thanksgiving!!

Limit's on all the frees are high, and there are a few that I'm not interested in persuing--unless I need them for a $10/$50 coupon. However, at this time I don't have any of those crt's.

Deals Spreadsheet 12-21-2008

Deals 12/14/2008

Spreadsheet of deals 12/14/2008

Deals for the week of 12/7/2008

Here is a link to my deals spreadsheet for the week. This is how I plan for the upcoming deals, and make a game plan before I head out to the store. I try to calculate any out of pocket expenses ahead of time, so I can minimize hassle in the store, and maximize savings.

I keep a spreadsheet for each week as deals appear--this way I don't waste time searching for deals that I may have read about weeks before, and I can prepare for upcoming sales by trading for q's, sorting my own stash, or arranging a special order for a particular deal (so that I wouldn't clear the shelves for other customers) I have yet to plan far enough in advance to ever do a special order--but I want to be prepared for the possibility if the right deal comes along (free TP or something ;) )

Each store has a tab in the spreadsheet, then I print it out and take it with me when I shop. I usually leave it open on the desktop for DH while I'm out shopping--in case the quantity or price differs from my plan--he can change my spreadsheet data more quickly than I can pen/paper it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Free Shirt!

Thanks to Moms by Heart for this deal!

Visit Christopher & Banks and choose a shirt for under $10 HERE.

Use the promotional code 81015
Checkout. Continue past the Credit card info--you don't need to enter one.

You'll get a free shirt and free shipping - no payment required!