Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Shopping Deals

The WAGS Plan:

Scott TP x 2 $14
Stamps 8.4
fly swatter .39
-scott IP - 1
-Scott IP - 1
subtotal 20.79
$5/$20 - 5
TOTAL 15.79+tax

alternate plans--organix shampoo tmf, All Detergent$3rr wyb 2,

The Old Navy Plan

DH is still losing/maintaining on Atkins, so we may pick up some $12 jeans at Old Navy's Denim Sale for incentive/reward :)

EDIT: The lines were so so long at Old Navy, we peeked in but couldn't justify the wait. I wasn't able to get to WAGS before the DD was over, so no go on the above plan--oh well...just not enough hours in the day sometimes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A kind word goes a long way

Whenever I have a particularly good (or bad) experience with a product, I let the manufacturer know. If I have had a problem, someone else has probably also had the problem and didn't take the time to let them know--so my comment bears a lot of weight. When I really find a product that I like, then I let the manufacturer know that I want this product to stay around and that I would really appreciate any coupons they could pass along--so I can buy more!

There may be a small price of increased "junk mail" and "spam," but I find sorting through a few extra envelopes worth the numerous free products and $x/x coupons that I have received because of these comments.

Today I used a $1/1 any Farmland product Q on a $2.99/lb package of Bacon--I received an entire page of $1/1 and $.55/1 Q's--that is a dollar that I would have spent had I not let Farmland know how much (and how frequently) we enjoy their foods.

$40 WalMart GC AutoVantage

Monday, August 18, 2008

Free School Supplies

No kids in school yet, but that doesn't mean that we don't use pen and paper products! Today we picked up Office Depot's FAR Sharpie Black Marker 5 pk deal. The package had an extra Blue Sharpie too! It is one per household, NOT one per person as is advertised.

I will be sending off the Sure/Pert $5 school supplies rebate tomorrow along with the CVS receipt cataloging the purchase. The pert was free after the CVS BOGO sale coupled with $2/1 Q's, and I used a $1/2 Bic IP for to pick up 2 packages of mechanical pencils. Karl prefers those to traditional pencils, and uses them a lot for his Warhams sketching.


ATT U-Verse in now in our area, and after a saleslady came a-knocking, I did some online and phone research before we decided anything.

In the end we switched from Road Runner Lite to ATT U-Verse Pro with:
-3xfaster internet (only a $5 increase from TW)
-$150 cash back
-Free cable for one month*

They also waived the $95 installation fee and bundled our wireless onto the same bill for convenience. I am so excited to have faster internet. Not that ours is dial-up slow, but it takes a long time to upload video and pictures.

We may need to use the $150 to purchase a new printer--ours made some awful noises yesterday. I just hope it lasts long enough to use up the new ink cartridges that I JUST replaced!!!

*I know, I know, with no TV in the house the free cable is wasted on us, but you can pay me to NOT watch TV any day!!

$4.49 Excedrin Rebate
$20 AutoVantage Rebate

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 15, 2008


The plan:

4 8xBic 8pk pens
7.86 4xScott extra soft TP 4pk
2 Eggs
14.99 1xUltra mini monitor
28.85 sub total
2.215125 plus tax

-4Bic $1/2 bic stationery products (3IPs, 1 insert q)
-4Scott $1/1 extra soft TP IP
-20Ultra mini insert q
3.07Grand Total
use WAG Rebate GC
OOP $0


$2.99 TMF Yogurt Melts Rebate
$3 Pinecone survey
$3 Pinecone survey
$2.99 Sure BOGO rebate
$132 salary over budget
$140.98 extra funds

-EDIT 8/15/08
8 pkg bic pens
2 eggs .99 ea
used 4 Bic IP's
oop: $1.98*Doh! I forgot that I had a WAG GC :( Gotta keep my thinking cap on! The WAG by our house didn't carry the Extra Soft, but the one down the road does! I'll pick it up when we're out and about.