Monday, August 18, 2008


ATT U-Verse in now in our area, and after a saleslady came a-knocking, I did some online and phone research before we decided anything.

In the end we switched from Road Runner Lite to ATT U-Verse Pro with:
-3xfaster internet (only a $5 increase from TW)
-$150 cash back
-Free cable for one month*

They also waived the $95 installation fee and bundled our wireless onto the same bill for convenience. I am so excited to have faster internet. Not that ours is dial-up slow, but it takes a long time to upload video and pictures.

We may need to use the $150 to purchase a new printer--ours made some awful noises yesterday. I just hope it lasts long enough to use up the new ink cartridges that I JUST replaced!!!

*I know, I know, with no TV in the house the free cable is wasted on us, but you can pay me to NOT watch TV any day!!

$4.49 Excedrin Rebate
$20 AutoVantage Rebate

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