Sunday, November 1, 2009

Free/Cheap Pet Food

The following coupons will net free/cheap dog or cat food at Target.

* Chef Michael's (Purina) small bag of dry dog food is $4.24 (though prices can vary greatly from store to store. Double check at the price-scan station to verify)

$3/1 mq 10-11SS
$1/1 tq 8/30SS
.24 oop

* Fancy Feast appetizers

BOGO 9/13RP or BOGO 8/9RP
BOGO target printable

* Cesar bistro dog meals

BOGO tq 10-18-09 RP
BOGO IP or 08-30-09 RP or 11-01-09 RP


The following coupons will net free dog food at Randalls.

* Freshpet (in the refrigerated section of the pet food aisle)

FREE item mq 9/13SS

Kellogg's deal at Target 11/1-11/7

11/4 UPDATE: Family Dollar has Fruit Loops on sale this week for $2.25/bx! Grab their ad, and head to Target's Customer Service to price match on this deal and get cereal even cheaper!

Bottom line: DH bought 2 boxes of Special K red Berries, and 14 boxes Fruit Loops (all 2.66/bx) for NEGATIVE $.08!!

Using 16 target printables for $1/1 Kellogg's cereal from
2 special K printables $1/1 and 14 blinkies $1/1 for any fruit loops or apple jacks that I found at Randalls
This week 11/1-11/7, Kellogg's cereal is on sale buy three get one free at Target.

16 kelloggs cereals $ 31.92 -$32=-$.08

CAUTION: it's being reported online that some target computers are not programmed to take target coupons for the FREE box, so if you want to avoid any possible frustration, omit the 4th Target printable and pay $1 out of pocket for each set of 4 kelloggs cereals. Also, my RR and Pflugerville targets will take more than one target printable /transaction despite the new wording on the coupon. If you know from past experience that your target enforces the new wording, this may not be the deal for you.

Here are two sources for printable coupons for $1/1 ANY special K

With these 2 links you should be able to print 4 from each computer.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Album Review

The one2one network offered me the chance to listen and review Kenny Loggins' new children's/family album ALL JOIN IN.

We first listened to the album as a captive audience taking Karl to work one morning. I really enjoyed the music--it was upbeat and made me want to tap my toes.

We all enjoyed the "andy song," as my three year old, Henry, referred to Loggins rendition of You've Got a Friend in Me. It is always nice to have instantly singable and recognizable songs on an album.

However, I did not care for many of the song's lyrics. Gandhi/Buddha offered a message of karma/reincarnation that as a Christian, do not want to teach my children (however subtly.)

Other songs were so ambiguous--There is a Mountain, Your Lollipop-- that I wasn't sure what the song was trying to convey lyrically. And because it wasn't clear, I wasn't comfortable singing along or having my kids memorize it (as kids naturally do--they are sponges!)

I really wish the album had included a set of the lyrics inside the case. Typically, when I first listen to an album, I curl up next to to the stereo with the lyrics and learn them right off the bat--to me songs are immensely more enjoyable when I can sing along.

Had a copy of the lyrics been included, I believe some of the ambiguity that I experienced when listening to the tracks would have been allayed.

I had never followed Kenny Loggins' music before, but apparently his album "Return to Pooh Corner" is still the #1 best selling children's album of all time. I may check that out from the library on our next visit.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I love Extreme Couponing!

Bottom line: $20 ECB profit!

I started with $19 in ECBs and spent $1 real money oop. I ended with $39, and still need to return a $4.89 notebook that evaded my radar :)

Here is a link to my 4 Transactions at 2 stores. Not pictured: milk, sneaky notebook, 9 Reeses.

Awesome night! There are 2 CVS stores withing a mile of each other, so when the first wasn't stocked with Glade, I did a quick transaction and headed to the other. The second store was fully stocked--SO NICE!

HUGE thank you's to my brain trust on the right. I have these gals entered into my Google Reader, and when they post all of their research, I compile it right away into a Google doc to keep everything organized. It's because of their hard work that I come up with these great outcomes.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey gals!

Well, my sisters-in-law have me hooked on dumpster diving!

We had a great haul this evening, and I've been busy sorting through my new inserts and preparing for the last few days of Randall's Living Well (LW) promo.

Here are a few scenarios that I found at HCW that I plan to do (and can do because of retrieving coupons from discarded newspapers:)

Ziploc brand Freezer bags
12*-$.80 (3/15SS, and my Randall's will double ALL 12 $.40/1 MQs)
OOP:20.40 (I will use LW catalinas and Pillsbury catalinas to pay.)
-$10 LW OYNO
-$7.50 OYNO for the Ziplocs!

Grand total: $2.90 for 12 ziploc packages!!

Pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls 4-pk or $1.39 Sweet rolls:
3*-$.75 3/15SS, 02-08-09 GM,
OOP $1.62
Receive $3 ONYO cat!

Grand Money Maker Total: -1.38!!! for 3 packages of crescent rolls ;)

Check out Super Coupon Girl's awesome Dumpster Diving how-to here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun on Fourth Street

What a great night! Karl and I just returned from a live performance by Diane Birch compliments of the One to One Network.

We left a teary-eyed Henry and sleeping Clare with Rebecca the sitter, and headed off to Austin's La Zona Rosa.

Right away we were both very impressed by Diane's ability to sing while playing the piano. We know first hand how difficult it is to play and sing simultaneously--and she did it with flare! Her band had a bluesy-gospel feel comprised of drums, guitar, brass and Diane on piano and lead vocals. She shared music from her debut album Bible Belt.

I really appreciated that I could pick out her lyrics even the first time hearing a song, and that her tunes were memorable. In fact, I visited her MySpace page last night to get an feel for her music. With just that one cycle through--Diane's songs were already familiar at tonight's concert.

Another mark of a good musician--her cover of Haddaway's "What is love" was unique to her style, yet retained enough of the original that I was still able to sing along and didn't cringe that it wasn't the same.

Diane bid us all adieu and gave up the stage to James Morrison, but promised she would return soon for more Texas hospitality and Austin brisket!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deals 4-12

Lots of clearance deals at Walgreens! Clearance candy that is free after ESrebate. Clearance degree deoderant, you may still be able to do the razor deal from last week--be sure to scan the prices before checking tags read 7.99, but rang up 8.29!

Check out my google doc (link above) for details.

Softsoap bodywash and Sensitive toothpaste free after ECB at CVS. Make sure that your ECB for the items prints in the full amount--my cashier had identified a problem earlier in the day and manually printed an extra $1 ECB for the bodywash.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free at Randalls

Softsoap liquid hand soap 7.5oz --on sale for $1. Use your $.35 mq from the 3.29ss for free soap! Depending on your store, they usually triple one like coupon per transaction.

Purchase it with a few other items to absorb the overage and take advantage of the $.99 butter super in ad q.

Monday, March 30, 2009

FREE plus overage at Randalls!

Randalls is having a Buy 10 select items get $5 off your total instantly promotion TUESDAY IS THE LAST DAY--

use 5x$1.50/1 kraft dressing mq from yesterday's paper
5x$1/1 Halls cough drops mq from yesterday's paper

make sure to include a filler for at least $1.25 for the overage generated from the halls mq!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deals 2/29

  • Mentos Gum--2 FREE after 2 MQ's
  • Chapstick 100 % Naturals or True Shimmer Lip Balm or Butter, .15 oz FREE after RR
  • Reynolds Foil--FREE after MQ
  • Equal Sweetener--FREE after MQ
  • No Nonsense Pantyhose on sale B1G1--GDA after MQ
  • Printer cartridge Refill--FREE after ESR
  • Skintimate and Edge Energy Shave Gels--FREE after RR
  • Wal-Itin Allergy Relief 30ct --FREE after ESR
  • One a Day Multi-Vitamin Drink Mix 2ct--FREE+overage after MQ and ESR
  • Glade The Fragrance Collection Candle--FREE after IP and ESQ

  • Paas Easter Egg Coloring Kit--2 FREE after ECB SUNDAY MONDAY ONLY!
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber Starter Kit--GDA after IP
  • Pond’s Cleansing Towelettes--GDA 3 for $.97 after MQ
TQ Moms by heart!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Deals 3-15-2008

Click on the link above for my google doc of this week's deals!


  • Orbitz gum (select flavors clearanced including Mango Mint) $.32--3 FREE after monthly ESQ! look for these in both the check out lane and the candy aisle.
  • Dove 3.15oz or trial sz bar soap--8 FREE + overage after monthly $10 RR! look for these in both the trial section and the regular bar soap aisle
  • Glucerna cereal--4 FREE + overage after IPs and secret $7 RR! Look for these near the pharmacy
  • Reach/Listerine products--3 FREE after mq and $6 RR!
  • Dora the Explorer colgate toothpaste FREE after 3/15 mq (clearanced to $.75!!) look for this in both the baby aisle and the toothpaste aisle
  • Bic Soleil refills (clearance ymmv)--FREE +overage after ESQ and 3/15 mq!
  • Ritz or Wheat thins--2 FREE after mq!
  • Dry Idea deoderant--FREE +Overage after IP and ECB!
  • 32 oz block Lucerna cheese--GDA $4.99

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deals 3-8-09

(follow link above for details in a google doc)

  • PeterPan Peanut Butter--FREE after in-ad q and IP (thanks to HCW) (lmt 1/transaction/day)
  • 5 Diet/Lite Ocean Spray--FREE wyb5 with 5 IPs or MQs (ip link no longer works, but if you printed them from before...say for Target or Randalls during the last deal!!!)
  • Dozen eggs--GDA $.97 with in-ad q (lmt 1/transaction/day)
  • Asparagus--GDP .99/lb


  • Crest Pro-Halth--FREE after ECB and MQ
  • Zone Perfect Bars--FREE after MQ

  • Glade Lasting Impressions--2FREE+overage after ESQ, MQ and IP
  • Glade Scented Oil Sense and Spray Starter Kit--2FREE+overage after ESQ, MQ and IP
  • Garnier Fructis Hair Care--FREE after ESQ and MQ
  • Huggies Gentle Care diapers--GDA 3 jumbo packs for $5 after IP and RR!! (even if your needed size isn't in stock, buy now and exchange later)

  • Iams Kitten Chow--FREE after MQ

  • Whole Grain Goldfish Crackers--.79 or FREE after TQ (thanks
  • Green Giant Fresh Broccoli--FREE after TQ
  • Dodge and Sutton Steak--cheap or FREE after TQ

NewFlower Market--Manchaca, Austin*
Double Ad Wednesday:
  • Strawberries $.99/lb
  • Grapes (all varieties)--$.59/lb
  • Cantaloupe/Watermelon $1/3lbs
*this is probably too far south for us, I'm going to contact Walmart to see if they will pricematch online ads...UPDATE walmart pricematched the grapes but not the strawberries.--but they were only $1.69/lb. Still a great price for strawberries!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cereal GALORE!

Did I have a fun trip to Randalls yesterday (and this morning!) I availed myself of their current save $5 on 5 cereal deal and combined it with coupons and a catalina deal on Post Raisin Bran for 30 boxes of FREE Cereal!!

I came home with:

12 Post Raisin Bran
2 Kellogg's Corn Flakes
4 Life Cereal
2 Captain Crunch

$8 oop
ended up with 2x$4 oyno coupons!

Then DH stopped at the Lake Austin location this morning (because they double/triple all of the same coupon (up to $.50/$.35 respectively)) for:

4 Post Raisin Bran
1 Corn Flakes
5 Captain Crunch

What will I do with all that FREE cereal, you ask?
I'll only keep what we need, and will pass on the rest to my family (there are 14 children btwn our 3 families in TX!) During the summer, we all gather for harvest at the family farmhouse. Then we'll add another 7 grandkids!!! Don't worry--it will get eaten!!

*Follow the Deals 3-1-2009 link to the Google doc for coupon details.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Deals 3-1-2009

The link to the spreadsheet is above, I'll post specific deals when I have a minute!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Randall's 2/25/2009

Angelsoft TP FREE after MQ doubled!!
2-Liter of Pepsi or 7-up--FREE after in-ad Q
Strawberries GDA 2/$3


1 Dozen Eggs GDA $.97

Remember that the Lake Austin location with double multiples of like q's. Most other Randall's will only double/triple one of the same q per transaction.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Deals 2-22-09

  • TWO Theraflu--FREE after IPs and ESrebate
  • Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor--FREE after MQ and RR
  • Reynold’s Wrap--FREE after WagQ and MQ

  • renuzit triscents--FREE after MQ and ECB lmt 5
  • Extreme Energy 6-hour Shot--FREE after ECB lmt 2
  • Gillette Fusion Gamer--FREE after MQ and ECB lmt 1
  • 7-Up 12-pks--GDA after IP's and ECB

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deals 2-15-2009

Say YES to Carrots LIpbalm--FREE after WAG IP and Carrots IP
Get TWO of the FAR Revlon Lip Gloss FREE +Overage after 2 MQ and ESRebate
Colgate Toothpaste--FREE after MQ

Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bars--FREE+overage after
Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste--Free after ECB, moneymaker w/MQ
Fusion Razors are FREE again this week after MQ and ECB
Natural Dentist Mouthwash--Free+overage after MQ, ECB and MIR

Kashi Soft Chew Cereal Bars--Free after IP and Target printable

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deals 2-8-2009

Nabisco products-FREE after MQ
Fusion Razor-FREE after MQ and ECV
3x$.99 American Greetings Cards FREE after ECB

Glade sense and spray Motion SEnsor spray-FREE after MQ and IP
Fusion Razor-FREE after MQ and RR
Glucerna Cereal FREE after IP
Windex Wipes FREE plus overage after IP and ESRebate
Progresso Cheap after IP

Sanihands for kids-Free after MQ or IP

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FREE Diet Dr Pepper

Thanks Super Coupon Girl!

Monday, January 19, 2009


  • too early to tell :)
  • Free ink cartridge refill after MIR

Free Cosmetics--Tomorrow only!

Have you purchased any cosmetics from the following retailers?

  • Bergdorf Goodman

  • Bergner’s

  • Bloomingdale’s

  • Boston Store

  • Carson Pirie Scott

  • Dillard’s

  • Gottschalks

  • Herberger’s

  • Macy’s

  • Neiman Marcus

  • Nordstrom

  • Parisian

  • Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Younkers
If you have, you may be eligible to receive a free cosmetic from that store tomorrow because of a Class Action Lawsuit filed over price-fixing. See details here.

Thanks to CommonSenseWithMoney

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reusable Grocery Bags Giveaway!

A fellow Texan is giving away a great set of Reusable Grocery bags--check it out here and enter to win!

I don't know about you, but the HEB checkout kids always over fill mine. My green bags are looking kind of sad--holes and tears all over the place!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Always FREE...

There are many things that I will never again pay money for. We aren't very particular about specific brands of items so if we shop the deals when the occur--I can get the following for free:

Hand Soap: $.35/1 Softsoap q triple at Randalls. Coupled with a $10 for 10 sale--FREE!
Bath Soap: Johnson's Buddy Bars are $.99 everyday at Target and Walmart. Couple with $1/1(1/4 inserts) or $3/3 Johnson & Johnson or $1/1 J&J IP coupons that are available all the time--FREE!
Toothpaste: All different kinds cycle different weeks, FREE!
Deoderant: All different kinds cycle different weeks, FREE!
All different kinds cycle different weeks, FREE!
Hairstyling Products:
All different kinds cycle different weeks, FREE!
TP/MILK/EGGS etc: I use the $10/$50 CRT's that frequently print with my receipts and overage I make using coupons at CVS to make staples such as these free or cheap. Also, the 10% bonus when I put my Walgreens rebates on a Walgreens gift card is free money for these staple items.