Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I love Extreme Couponing!

Bottom line: $20 ECB profit!

I started with $19 in ECBs and spent $1 real money oop. I ended with $39, and still need to return a $4.89 notebook that evaded my radar :)

Here is a link to my 4 Transactions at 2 stores. Not pictured: milk, sneaky notebook, 9 Reeses.

Awesome night! There are 2 CVS stores withing a mile of each other, so when the first wasn't stocked with Glade, I did a quick transaction and headed to the other. The second store was fully stocked--SO NICE!

HUGE thank you's to my brain trust on the right. I have these gals entered into my Google Reader, and when they post all of their research, I compile it right away into a Google doc to keep everything organized. It's because of their hard work that I come up with these great outcomes.

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