Friday, March 20, 2009

Deals 3-15-2008

Click on the link above for my google doc of this week's deals!


  • Orbitz gum (select flavors clearanced including Mango Mint) $.32--3 FREE after monthly ESQ! look for these in both the check out lane and the candy aisle.
  • Dove 3.15oz or trial sz bar soap--8 FREE + overage after monthly $10 RR! look for these in both the trial section and the regular bar soap aisle
  • Glucerna cereal--4 FREE + overage after IPs and secret $7 RR! Look for these near the pharmacy
  • Reach/Listerine products--3 FREE after mq and $6 RR!
  • Dora the Explorer colgate toothpaste FREE after 3/15 mq (clearanced to $.75!!) look for this in both the baby aisle and the toothpaste aisle
  • Bic Soleil refills (clearance ymmv)--FREE +overage after ESQ and 3/15 mq!
  • Ritz or Wheat thins--2 FREE after mq!
  • Dry Idea deoderant--FREE +Overage after IP and ECB!
  • 32 oz block Lucerna cheese--GDA $4.99

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