Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 15, 2008


The plan:

4 8xBic 8pk pens
7.86 4xScott extra soft TP 4pk
2 Eggs
14.99 1xUltra mini monitor
28.85 sub total
2.215125 plus tax

-4Bic $1/2 bic stationery products (3IPs, 1 insert q)
-4Scott $1/1 extra soft TP IP
-20Ultra mini insert q
3.07Grand Total
use WAG Rebate GC
OOP $0


$2.99 TMF Yogurt Melts Rebate
$3 Pinecone survey
$3 Pinecone survey
$2.99 Sure BOGO rebate
$132 salary over budget
$140.98 extra funds

-EDIT 8/15/08
8 pkg bic pens
2 eggs .99 ea
used 4 Bic IP's
oop: $1.98*Doh! I forgot that I had a WAG GC :( Gotta keep my thinking cap on! The WAG by our house didn't carry the Extra Soft, but the one down the road does! I'll pick it up when we're out and about.

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