Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great WAGs Trip

  • 4x32 loads of arm & hammer 2xconcentrate detergent for .99 each (after 4xIP and in-ad circular q. )
Print 2 per computer, though this IP is email connected, so you need to use a new email address for each computer that you print from)

NOT ONLY THAT, you'll get a $5 coupon good on your next order, when you buy 4 so you'll make money!!! Deal ends Saturday.

  • I also picked up scotch tape that is free after monthly rebate--I had a $1/2 insert q so I"ll make money on that too :)

  • Free reynolds wrap foil after in-ad q and mq.
  • I won't pay for men's deoderent anymore, but I am still brand loyal to Mitchum products for myself :) I picked up one for .99 after IP and in-ad q.
  • Other not free but we needed them and they were almost free after hitting the $5/$25 mark: mead envelopes $.39, wags cough drops $.39, wags cotton swabs $1.99 (all with in-ad q)
Used $16 in RR and put $3.45 on wags gift card :) --RR's are coupons that spit out from the catalina machine from buying amounts of particular products. THe gift card is funded from free money when I buy the monthly rebate items, use q's plus the 10% bonus for putting the funds back on a wags gift card !!)


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